The Military Activities – Airsoft War

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Many people like purchasing firearms (real or toys) for a hobby or their own peronal amusement. There are many useful games fashioned out of guns and which are really safe to indulge in. Airsoft war is an endeavor that is basically used in military training and it bears a strong resemblance to the game of paintball. Airsoft War is compared to popular strategy videogames such as Call of Duty or Counter Strike and so on, where there are numerous scenarios such as the bombing settings and the “Capture the Flag”. Airsoft is said to be a realistic game and the weapons used in it are almost the same as the lifelike weapons. Paintball, is a game that is mostly played by the civilans, whereas the airsoft war is mostly preferred by the police and the military personnel.

Although the activity is not restricted to the military, and civilan people are capable of enjoying it, there are still some dissimilarities between the military version and the civilan version. For instance, in the military version of the game, there are maneuvers, actual or restricted ammunition, military attire and so on, the term used is MilSim which is an acronym for Military Simulation. Another instance, where terms such as “open day” or “skirmish” is used where use of realism borders on non-existence. There are some other modifications, for instance, Live Action Role Playing where rules are manipulated as per the hits one makes or takes and so on.

Unlike paintball, since airsoft war does not have any paint pellets, the players depend on an honor system where once the player is hit, he/she needs to announce that they have been hit and move from the “war zone” into the “safe zone”. To prevent being shot at, the player needs to hold a flag over his head to signal his exit or walk out with his weapons in the air signalling defeat. The best part about this game is the pellets are made of bio-degradable material, so environment is not affected in an adverse way. Apart from these, there are some other benefits of playing airsoft war. Some of them are listed as follows:

1)Economic point of view: Unlike other mock rifle games such as paintball, airsoft rifles are relatively easy on the pocket. There are also numerous options for airsoft guns, such as, electric guns which are run off batteries, gas powered guns, spring loaded gun and so on. They can cost anywhere between ten dollars to hundred dollars.
2)Anywhere and Everywhere- The only flaw, if one really wants to find one, is that it is an outdoor game. The game can be played in backyards or empty lots, or streets with lot of blind turns. Even when the pellets hit targets such as trees or windows, there is no lasting damage, since the pellets are small and plastic.
3)Repercussions of getting hit- The real fun in a game is getting hit and anybody who has been a part of the airsoft war admits that it can be painful and may also be capable of damaging the skin. So, proper precautions must be taken when playing this game.